What is a Color Sorter Machine?

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Color Sorter Introduction:

The rice color sorter is a device that uses light detection technology to automatically sort out the heterochromatic particles in the granular material according to the difference in the optical characteristics of the material. At present, the rice sorter is used in the fields of bulk materials or packaging industrial products, food quality inspection, and grading.

Color Sorter Structure

The color sorter machine mainly consists of four systems and a man-machine interface
1. Feeding system (feeding hopper, vibrator, chute)
2. Detection system (Led lamp, camera, etc.)
3. Signal processing system (drive board, PC motherboard, etc.)
4. Separation system (injection system, hopper)
5. Human Machine Interface (GUI)

rice color sorter

Color Sorter Working Principle

1. The rice color sorter machine is mainly composed of a feeding system, optical detection system, signal processing system, and separation execution system

2. The main technical indicators of the color sorter

1) Output processing: Output is the number of materials that can be processed per hour. The main factors affecting output are the vibration amplitude of the vibrator, the length of the chute, and the purity of the raw materials. At the feeding end of the trough, increase the processing capacity, otherwise, it is necessary to reduce the vibration amplitude of the vibrator.

2) Color sorting accuracy: Color sorting accuracy refers to the percentage of impurities selected from the raw materials to the total impurities contained. The color sorting accuracy is mainly related to the movement speed of the material and the purity of the raw material. The shorter the chute, the slower the movement speed. , Leaving enough time for the processing system to remove impurities and improve the accuracy of color selection.

3) Take-out ratio: The take-out ratio refers to the ratio of the number of impurities in the waste selected by the rice sorter to the number of normal materials. The level of the take-out ratio can be adjusted, and the adjustment of the take-out ratio is mainly achieved by adjusting the energization time of the solenoid valve.

 rice color sorter working

Scope of Application of Color Sorter Machine

1) Agriculture
The appearance of the color sorter machine was first applied to agriculture. It can also be said that the rice color sorter machine was born for agriculture. The main color sorting materials include rice, miscellaneous grains, tea, beans, nuts, seeds, medicinal materials, seafood, etc., including rice sorting machine, miscellaneous grains sorting machine, tea sorting machine, soybeans Color sorter, etc., one machine for multiple purposes.

2) Industry
Garbage classification and recycling are becoming more and more popular. Many businesses have created business opportunities from garbage and started to use them in plastics, minerals, plastic particles, and other industries.

3) Handicraft market
Later, people discovered that as long as there is a difference in color, the rice color sorter can pick it out, like Buddhist beads, jewelry, etc.

4) Flowers
The petals have distinct colors, which can be picked out by the color sorter


rice color sorter application


Installation Instructions for Color Sorter
Installation environment requirements

1) Please install this rice sorter on a level and fixed non-vibration platform or level ground, and check the level of the machine. The level of the machine can be adjusted with a level<=2/1000mm

2) Please do not install this equipment in low temperature, high temperature, humidity, dusty places, try to keep the ambient temperature of the color sorter within the range of 0-40 degrees.

3) Please avoid installing in an environment with strong electromagnetic interference, such as electric welding, high-frequency emission, etc.

4) Please avoid installing in a place where there is direct sunlight and strong light from the lighting lamp, Please do not directly weld the device, if you want to weld, please cover the body with canvas, etc.
Common Problems of Color Sorter Does Not Work Well

1) The sensitivity adjustment is too low, please adjust the sensitivity

2) Check whether the gas valve is normal, if the gas valve is abnormal,

3) There is too much dust on the glass of the sorting room, please clean it up

4) LED does not light up

5) Timing parameter setting is wrong, please reset

6) The rice road jumps to the rice, please clear the rice road

7) Observe whether the nozzle is aligned with the metering channel

8) The raw material contains large impurities and the flow rate of the vibrator is large. Please adjust the appropriate sensitivity and flow rate
Clean Regularly
Keep the rice color sorter clean to maintain hygiene and efficiency standards, the sorting rate will gradually decrease as the machine becomes dirty, and unclean machines are more prone to failure than clean machines.
The rice sorter is equipped with an air gun, which can be used to remove dust and debris from the machine.
Do not use steel wool, scraper, or abrasives on any parts of this machine, and do not damage the vibrator tray, feeding chute, optical window, or special surface of the control panel

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