New Type 15T/D Complete Rice Mill Plant Introduction

Author:admin Time:2022-01-19

Our new type 15T/D complete rice mill plants can process paddy rice into national standard white rice just in one process. It is one of the newly designed rice mill machinery by our R&D production team. It is suitable for milling the material paddy, the parboiled paddy rice, etc. It can get 600-900kg white rice per hour. And the capacity of the single machine can be customized according to your special requirements. So, it is the most ideal paddy rice mill machinery for rice distributing station, farm, rice factory, as well as self-emplyees.
15 ton rice mill (9)
It is a complete rice milling plant contains pre-cleaner, vibratory cleaning sieves, rice de-stoner machine, rice huller machine, paddy rice separator machine, rice mill machine, rice color sorter, rice polisher, rice color sorter, white rice grader, grain silo, and rice packing machine, etc. It uses the elevator to connect them and to make the whole line complete and automatic working.

15 ton rice mill (8)
For this automatic rice milling plant with a daily capacity of 15 tons, it can work continuously and efficiently. After the rice mill machinery is properly installed and debugged, the user only needs to feed the rice into the hopper, and then use the control box to operate the machine to process the rice. High work efficiency, automatic work, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

15 ton rice mill (6)
Full Rice Mill Plants Structure
Our rice milling machinery is a fully automatic rice mill plant which includes the entire process from paddy cleaning, stone removal, rice milling, rice hulling, grain separation, rice polishing, rice color sorting, and final rice packaging. You no longer need any other machines, you can realize the entire processing from paddy rice to the final finished white rice. Therefore, this complete set of rice milling equipment is very popular. Welcome contact us for the details.
complete rice mill
Full Rice Mill Plants Working Process

1. Paddy Cleaning

Drum sieve pre-cleaning: to remove impurities in paddy rice, such as straw, hemp rope, paper, clod, and other similar wastes in order to avoid engine failures. It will reduce the impurities in raw materials and increase the efficiency of next cleaning process.
Vibrating cleaning sieves:to clean different size impurities 
Rice destoner: Remove stones, stalks and debris from paddy rice

rice cleaing machine
2. Paddy Rice Husking
Remove the husk from the paddy and turn paddy into brown rice

rice huller machine

3. Gravity Paddy Separating
Separate the brown rice from paddy by the difference of gravity and surface frictions

paddy rice separator rice separator
4. Rice Milling
Brown rice is processed into white rice through the first rice milling machine

rice mill machines rice milling machine (2)
5. Magnetic Separating
Remove the magnetic material in the rice, so as not to damage the subsequent rice milling equipment

Magnetic Separating Magnetic Separator
6. Rice Color Sorting
Selecting our the other colors rice or mildew rice from white rice

rice color sorter
7. Rice Polishing
Make the white rice more smoother and brighter

rice polishing machine rice polisher
8. White Rice Grading
The broken rice in the finished rice is separated to improve the quality of the finished rice

white rice grader rice grader
9. Grain silos
Cache the produced white rice

15 ton rice mill (21)
10. Rice Packing
Set the weight of each bag of maters for packing according to your needs and pack the white rice in bag.

 rice packing machine
11.Bucket Elevator
Using the bucket elevator to connect all the machines in a whole complete rice mill plant and automatic working.

bucket elevator grain bucket elevator

Our Rice Mill Machinery Unique Advantages
1. Increase the drum sieve pre-cleaning, the cleaning efficiency is higher, thereby increasing the output of the whole machine
2. The shells of the rice mills used by other manufacturers are made of plastic, while our rice mills are all made of iron, so the whole machine has a longer service life.
3. The dropping tubes of other rice mill manufacturers are made of iron, which is easy to rust and is not conducive to product safety. The dropping tubes of our rice mills are all made of stainless steel, which is more in line with food processing safety requirements.

rice dropping tube rice dropping tubes

4. The elevators used in our rice milling machine all use a separate motor base, and do not share the motor with other machines in the rice milling machine, so the production efficiency is higher.
5. The hulling machine adopts 8-inch rubber rollers, the hulling rate is as high as 85-90%, and the hulling rate is higher.
6. The screen area for cleaning and stone removal is large, and the cleaning efficiency is high.
Our Rice Mill Machinery Features
1. Fully automatic rice mill plant, less power consumption
2. Compact structure, small volume, high output, less broken rice production, high purity
3. Main body warranty 12 months except for the spare parts
4. Easy to operate, we provide English version operation instructions and video operation instructions
5. Trusted & guaranteed the whole service with professional technical support before and after-sales
6. We have rice experiences in building the complete rice mill plant abroad successfully and received a high reputation from our customers for good quality best price as well as professional technical support.

Rice Mill Machine Packing
The rice mill plant milling machine will be packed into wooden case before into container,vit will guarantee the safety of all the machines. our deliver time is 25 days after desposits, also will depend on the order quantity. 

rice processing machine
rice milling machine
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