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TQLZ Vibratory Cleaning Sieves

  • Capacity: 20-80T/H
  • Power: 0.74-1.5 Kw
  • Service: Customization, installation, guidance, and training
  • Cooperation: Factory Directly

The TQLZ vibratory cleaning sieve is one of the rice milling machines mainly used in the rice processing plant to clean the paddy. It is designed with a compact structure, high cleaning efficiency, smooth working with low consumption, convenient for use.

TQLZ Vibratory Cleaning Screen Sieves Introduction

The TQLZ vibratory cleaning sieve is one of the rice milling machines mainly used in the rice processing plant to clean the paddy. It is designed to work with the gravity principle, different size materials have different gravity, then set two vibrating motors to vibrate the screen for making the cleaning work. 


This vibratory cleaning screen sieve also can be used for cleaning all kinds of grain, oil, and other food, and is suitable for storage, food, feed, chemical, and other industries to do cleaning and classification of raw materials. By replacing sieve plates with different apertures, the machine can sieve and separate large, medium, small-sized, and slight impurities. For this cleaning function, the vibrating screen is widely used in different kinds of grain production lines like the rice mill production line the flour mill production line, or the oil press production line. Used as the first cleaning step then make the whole production line work cleaning and automatic.

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TQLZ Vibratory Cleaning Screen Sieves Features

1. Low noise, low energy-consuming

2. Smooth running, efficient cleaning, and high production efficiency.

3. Adopting vibration motor drive, exciting force, vibration direction, and screen inclination can be adjusted according to the need. 

4. Compact structure and good sealing performance, no dust emission.

5. The high elastic rubber ball, does not block the screen.

6. Adopt a high-quality steel plate, import a rubber spring, and effectively extend the life of the vibrating screen.

7. Using laser cutting, CNC bending, and other advanced equipment to ensure the accuracy of manufacturing.

8. Surface treatment using electrostatic spray after polishing, effectively eliminates the corrosion of equipment.


TQLZ Vibratory Cleaning Screen Sieves Working Principle

This machine uses the filter method to separate the size of the material. After the material from the feed pipe into the eccentric tube, scattered in the bulk material plate. Bulk material with vibration sieve plate, the material evenly into the feed load on the floor, and along the screen on the bottom flow to the top. Large impurities along the upper surface of the screen into the large miscellaneous and exported outside of the machine. The sieve material through the upper sieve falls onto the next screen. The small impurities through the sieve hole to the floor above the screen box and the fine miscellaneous export machine outside.

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TQLZ Vibratory Cleaning Screen Sieves Applications

1. This machine together with the aspiration channel or recycling aspiration system is widely applied in flour mills and silos storage cleaning sections.

2. It is also successfully used in feed mills, seeds cleaning plants, oilseed cleaning plants, cocoa bean and cocoa nib grading systems in chocolate factories, and other plants.

3. Food processing and feed manufacturing industries. The pure material flows directly into the net material outlet along the lower surface of the sieve.


TQLZ Vibratory Cleaning Sieves Technical Parameter

For the vibratory screen machine, we have different models with different capacities suitable for different client's needs, also if clients have special requirements for the machines, we can customize them for you. 



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