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TDTGW Bucket Elevator

  • Capacity: 4-30 T/H
  • Power: 1.1-4 Kw
  • Service: Customization, installation, guidance, and training
  • Cooperation: Factory Directly

For this model low-speed bucket elevator, it is widely used in various models rice mill production line. Designs with reducer, so that can control its working speed with high working efficiency. So, it can promise to make less breakage rate for the conveying materials. 

Low-Speed Bucket Elevator Introduction

The bucket elevator is a type of continuous conveying machine to convey materials continuously and vertically, and the hopper is automatically loaded through the tail, and then throws the material after running the head sprocket. The bucket elevator takes advantage of motor rotation to drive the shaft-coupling, head wheel, and bucket belt to lift the materials in the buckets fixed in the bucket belt to the required height from the bottom of the elevator, then send them into the bin.


It designs with low-speed elevation to avoid breaking the material, on its design with the reducer, and for the bucket, belts can be auto-tightening. For the base easy-to-clean materials and used special feeding, the channel reduces breakage. 

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Low-Speed Bucket Elevator Application

The bucket elevator is a mechanical conveying device for fixed devices. It is mainly suitable for continuous vertical lifting of powder, granular and small materials. It can be widely used in feed mills, flour mills, rice mills, and oils of various scales. Improvement of bulk materials in factories, starch factories, grain depots, port terminals, etc. According to customers' different needs, it is a good conveyor among different lines to convey materials from one machine to the next step by step.


Low-Speed Bucket Elevator Core Advantages

1. Low Speed elevate, special bucket with low breakage;

2. Suitable for rice processing plants;

3. Arc Bottom frame with low residual material;

4. Quick-opening discharge hopper, operation fast and convenient;

5. Uniform processing, adjustable length

6. Good sealing, low noise

7. Wide application

8. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer

Low-Speed Bucket Elevator Features

1. It has characteristics of small driving power, inflow feeding, induction discharge, and large capacity of hopper-intensive layout. There is almost no return material and material digging in the material lifting, so there is less power lost.

2. With a wide range of elevations, this kind of elevator has fewer requirements for the kinds and characteristics of the materials. It can not only elevate powder of average size or granular materials but also can elevate materials of larger size. Besides, it works well in sealing and has less environmental pollution. 

3. With advanced design principles and processing methods, it is endowed with reliable and stable operation, which ensures operation reliability. And Its MTBF achieves more than 20000 hours. The lifting height is high, and the lifting machine runs stably, so the height of the lifting height can be achieved.

4. It has a long service life. The feeding pattern is inflow, which doesn’t need to dig with a bucket, and has less extrusion and collision between materials. The machine is designed to ensure there are few materials scattered when feeding and discharging, which reduces the wear and tear of the machine.

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Low-Speed Bucket Elevator Working Principle

The bucket takes materials from the storage and ascends the materials on the conveyor belt to the top, and then the bucket turns down when bypassing the top wheel and pulls down the materials to the groove. A bucket elevator generally uses a rubber belt, which is installed under or above the driving drum or the upper and lower bend pulley. Chain transmission type bucket elevator is usually equipped with two parallel transmission chains, including a pair of drive chain wheels and a pair of bend chain wheels. A bucket hoist is usually equipped with a shell in order to prevent lifting dust.


Low-Speed Bucket Elevator Technical Parameter 

For the low-speed elevator machine, we have different models with different capacities suitable for different client's needs, also if clients have special requirements for the machines, we can customize them for you. 

Standard height(m)5.35.56666.3
Bucket model101014131715201725172921


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