How To Deal With The Phenomenon Of Belt Slippage Of Grain Conveying Equipment?

Author:admin Time:2022-01-19

Grain conveyors have always had a good sales market and prospects in the conveying industry, among which belt conveyors are the most popular. why is it like this? Because the belt conveyor is low cost, stable and reliable operation, fast speed, no dust, and a small area to delivery materials vertically. The belt conveyor is also the key equipment of the rice production line. The normal and stable operation of the fighter hoist directly affects the operating efficiency and operating cost of the entire production line.
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First of all, we must first understand why the bucket elevator has the phenomenon of belt slippage during the use process. The traction component of the TDTG Series bucket elevator is a belt, so it is also called a belt elevator. Improper installation or use of the elevator will cause the  belt slipping, reducing output or failing to lift the material, which is seriously affecting the efficiency of machinery, so when we encounter this situation, how should we deal with it?
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First Insufficient tension of hopper belt. The bucket elevator uses the friction torque between the hopper belt and the drive shaft of the head wheel to lift materials. The hopper belt is not tensioned enough, which will cause the hopper belt to slip. At this time, stop the machine immediately and adjust the tensioning device to tighten the hopper belt. If the tensioning device cannot fully tension the hopper belt, it means that the stroke of tensioning device is too short and should be re-adjusted.
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Second, The hoist is overloaded. When the elevator is overloaded, the resistance torque increases, causing the hopper belt to slip. At this time, the feeding amount of materials should be reduced, and the feeding should be uniform. If the slip cannot be improved even after reducing the feed amount, it may be that too much material is accumulated in the machine seat or the hopper is stuck by the instructor. The machine should be shut down for inspection and troubleshooting.
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Third, the inner surface of the head wheel drive shaft and the hopper belt is too smooth. The inner surface of the head wheel drive shaft and the hopper belt is too smooth, which reduces the friction between the two and causes the hopper belt to slip. At this time, a layer of glue can be applied to the inner surface of the drive shaft and the hopper belt to increase the friction.
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Four, the bearing of the head wheel and bottom wheel does not rotate properly. The bearing of the head wheel and bottom wheel does not rotate properly, and the resistance torque increases, causing the hopper belt to slip. At this time, it can be disassembled and washed to refuel or replace the bearing.
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To reduce the occurrence of the above-mentioned mechanical equipment belt slippage in subsequent mechanical operations, after the grain conveying equipment is used, the maintenance work after shutdown is required, namely:
1. If the temperature of the bearing seat is found to be high, lubricating oil (such as butter) should be added.
2. pay attention to the maintenance of the conveyor's motor. The motor is the most important power component of the conveyor. In the process of using the elevator, you must pay attention to the moisture-proof treatment of the motor. Do not let the motor enter the water.
3. Carry out a complete and detailed inspection of the machine body.
4. It is strictly forbidden for children and adults who are not familiar with the use and maintenance of the rice mill to play with the rice mill at will to avoid unnecessary losses.
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