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About Us

A professional rice milling machine manufacturer

Founded in the late 2010, Zhengzhou Hongjia Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou City, China. It is a backbone enterprise integrating the research, development, production, and sales of domestic food machinery. The company has a strong technical force, complete production and testing equipment, exquisite product holdings, stable performance, and convenient operation. The main products are paddy cleaning series, paddy stone removing machine series, gravity grain separation sieve series, white rice grading sieve series, rice machine series, rice polishing machine series, hoist series, and complete sets of rice milling equipment with daily output of 15t-500t series.

Over the years, the company's products have been sold nationwide and exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and other countries and regions. Meeting your requirements is our pursuit. Hongjia people always put quality first. Through the inspection of the national quality department, it conforms to the ISO9001, ISO2000, CE quality system certification, and distributed certificates. The company will return the support and love of domestic customers with first-class quality and service and work together to create a better tomorrow. We will look forward to your visit with warm and thoughtful service.



Our Products

1. Single Rice Mill Machine

Rice Parboiling and Drying Equipment Series-Mainly used to produce parboiling rice, it is used before the rice mill machine.

rice parboiling and drying machine
Rice Vibration Cleaning Equipment Series-Cleaning the paddy 

paddy cleaning  machine
Rice Stone Removing Equipment Series-Separating small stones from the paddy

paddy destone removing machine
Rice Hulling Equipment Series- Removing the husk from the paddy

rice huller machine
Rice Separation Equipment Series-Separating the husk from the brown rice /unhusked paddy

rice separatoring machine
Rice Milling Equipment Series-From paddy to rice

rice mill machine
Rice Grading Equipment Series-separate different quality rice and separate broken rice from the good ones.

rice grading machine
Rice Polishing Equipment Series-The polishing machine will make the white rice more shining and more smooth, thus increasing the quality of rice.

rice polisher machine
Rice Color Sorting Equipment Series-The rice we get through the above steps still has some bad rice, broken rice, or some other grains or stones, so we use a color sorter here to select bad rice and other grains. The color sorter is an important machine to ensure that we get high-quality rice.

rice color sorter machine
Rice Packing Equipment Series-Pack the well-produced and qualified rice into bags for easy sales.

rice packing machine
Rice Conveying Equipment Series-Transport rice or paddy to the corresponding equipment during the rice production process.

 paddy conveying machine

2. Complete Rice Mill Equipment

Convenient Operation,  Stable Operation,  High Efficiency and Energy Saving

We have 15T/24h, 20T/24h, 25T/24h, 30T/24h, 40T/24h, 60T/24h, 80T/24h, 100T/24h, 200T/24h, 300T/24h, 500T/24h completer rice processing mill machine and parboiling rice mill machine, all the complete rice mill machine we also can design according to your different needs.


Hot Sale Rice Mill Machine

25T/D Rice Mill Machine

25 ton rice mill (6) 25 ton rice mill (9) 25 ton rice mill (15)
30 ton rice mill  (9) 30 ton rice mill  (13) 30 ton rice mill machine

40 ton rice mill (1) 40 ton rice mill (3) 40 ton rice mill (7)
60 ton rice mill (47) 60 ton rice mill (51) 60 ton rice mill (56)

Our Factory Advantage

Our company is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales, and after-sales service.

Scale advantage: powerful factory, customized processing, fast service, complete specifications, perfect after-sales

Price advantage: Our products are not only easy to operate and easy to use but also give you more price advantages and high-cost performance

Excellent quality: high-quality materials, advanced production technology in the industry, meticulous manufacturing, excellent quality, and more durable products

After-sales service: One-to-one customer service, we will answer your questions carefully and patiently

hongjia rice mill manufacturer

Why Choose Us?

1. Focusing On Technological Innovation

Hongjia Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. has been focusing on technological innovation and independent research and development. It has gathered a large number of experienced and high-quality professional technical teams to overcome bottlenecks in rice milling and other fields and embark on a path of technological innovation.

2. Turnkey Rice Milling Systems

Hongjia Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. has a complete rice milling system and has professional and experienced employees who execute manufacturing, marketing, and service processes in accordance with international standards. She strengthened the company structure with increasingly positive values, not only manufacturing machines but also manufacturing technology and quality.

3. New Technologies

Hongjia Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. can provide new technologies, increase manufacturing pace and standardization while minimizing manufacturing costs and meeting immediate support necessities and corporate responsibility. CE and ISO 9001:2000 certificates have been awarded to our products, which have passed through testing at its R&D department.

4. Experienced In Exporting

As a professional rice milling factory in China, We had been exporting rice mill machines in bulk quantities around 20 countries worldwide, such as Nigeria, Mauritania, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, Colombia, Senegal, Gambia, Sudan, Philippines, Indonesia, and many other countries.

5. Professional Rice Milling Factory In China

Hongjia Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. also provides single machines to complete turn-key projects for rice mills; flow diagrams, construction, and projects; manufacturing of milling machinery, equipment, and computerized systems; 

6. Perfect Service System

Hongjia Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. provides services such as technical/technological assistance, before sales service, sales service, and after-sale service.

hongjia rice mill factory

Service System

Before sales service
 ☆ Provide technological flow design;
 ☆ Provide advice to choose the right equipment that is most suitable for you;
 ☆ Design and manufacture of products according to your demands;
 ☆ Provide you with the training of operation technicians.
● Sales service
☆ To assist client's factory planning.
☆ Finish the equipment inspection for you;
☆ Assist you in drawing out the construction scheme and detailed flow.
● After-sales service
☆ Send technicians to the installation site for guidance, equipment adjustment, and training.
☆ The whole machine has a one-year warranty, life-long maintenance.
☆ Provide customers with product benefit analysis to create maximum benefits.
☆ In-time response to service complaints.

hongjia rice mill supplier in china

Our Projects

We have a strong R&D team and a professional production team. Responsible and customer-oriented attitude,
Hongjia has sent rice mills to:
Burkina Faso,
and many other countries, and have been widely praised by customers. We firmly believe that technology and quality are essential to enterprises. Relying on strong scientific research strength, advanced production tools, diligent and serious attitude, can the manufacturing enterprise develop and achieve long-term success.

Are You Looking for a Trusted Advisor or Just A Rice Mill Machine Vendor?

Hong Rice Mill Truly Show its Unique in the Industry

Hongjia Rice Mill is a professional manufacturer and distributor of various rice processing mills. At Hongjia, we attach great importance to how to reduce production costs, improve product quality, optimize product design, and provide our distributors with the greatest profit margin and market acceptance.
At Hongjia, We care more about how our customers could make the right investment and how to get updated and more valuable amusement equipment for customers at the lowest cost.
We believe that having the best-fit rice mill machine is merely the first step to your success in the rice processing business. Another key element is to choose the right product supplier to provide
professional and comprehensive product and technical support.
We take pride in our position as a trusted partner, not just the supplier of rice mill machines,
 –We do what other rice mill machines vendors can not do.
Trusted by over 100 Rice Millers and Rice Mill Machine Distributors Worldwide.
If you are planning to build a rice mill, if you are looking for a real rice mill manufacturer, if you are still hesitating where to buy a rice mill, please contact us quickly for details.

hongjia rice mill in the world

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