How to Use and Maintain the Combined Rice Mill Plants Machine

Author:admin Time:2022-01-19

Many clients will ask how to use and maintain the rice mill machinery before ordering or after getting the machines. Today let us talk about something that needs to be noticed especially. 
Combined Rice Milling Machine Structure
The combined rice milling machine is consists of elevators, paddy destoner cleaner, rice huller, paddy rice separator, rice whitener, broken rice screen. which are connected by elevators, working automatically. It can labor and energy, increase working efficiency greatly. 

rice mill

Something needs to be noted during using:
1) Paddy destoner cleaner is used to remove the stone and impurities from raw paddy. But some clients will meet the problem of stone outlet will discharge the paddy. This is because the air door on the pipe does not adjust well. Or the draught fan motor is connected in reverse. After adjusting well, the machine will work well. 
2) rice huller is the machine to remove the husk from paddy, get brown rice. Its hulling rate can reach 85-90%, if, with the high broken rate or low hulling rate, The rubber roller is either too tight or too loose, need to adjust the rubber rollers' space correspondingly.
3) Paddy rice separator, its working will affect following machines working. So it is a key part of rice processing plants. The separator screen must be full. It has 2 outlets. The upper one and below one. The upper one should be closed until the screen is full of paddy, then open (brown rice to whitener machine). The below outlet is open all the way (raw paddy to rice huller again)

rice mill machine

rice process  machine

4) rice whitener is to make brown rice into white. To reduce the broken rate and milling time, firstly the machine should be closed. Until it is full with around 2/3 brown rice, then open the machine. Also can adjust pressure mold to control the broken rate and whitening degree.
5) Elevator, we need to notice the first one, feeding the paddy at a uniform speed to avoid its block. 

We must be to observe every step carefully to ensure that each step is skillfully operated to achieve continuous operation of the whole rice mill plants machine 
How to maintain each machine of rice processing plants
After learning how to use the rice mill machinery, then also need to know how to maintain the machines to guarantee its long-time service. 
1) Paddy destoner cleaner: The screen should be inspected and cleaned every shift to prevent clogging of the screen holes. The screen should be replaced timely if damaged. Also need to clean the grains and fine sand in hood regularly.
2) rice huller: When the fast roller rubber layer is worn to about half, the fast and slow rollers can be used interchangeably. When the rubber layer of the rubber roller wears out and the iron core is exposed, new rubber rollers should be replaced. The two rollers should be replaced at the same time, and the surface of the rubber roller should be kept flat.
3) Paddy rice separator: Check the lubrication condition of the transmission part, and add lubricating oil (grease) in time.
4) rice whitener: The chaff suction fan impeller and air duct should be cleaned once every two months.
5)Common maintenance of each machine:
1. Maintain one time every 3 months and overhaul one time a year.
2. Lubricating oil should be added to each transmission part regularly.
3. The bearing is generally replaced with grease one time every 6 months.
4. Where the bearing is overheated, the grease is hardened, the oil color becomes dark, or the oil surface has water droplets and dirt, must replace the grease immediately.
When finding the machine vibrates violently, should shut down the machine immediately for an inspection.
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