Analysis of the Precautions for the Installation of the Main Equipment of the Rice Milling Plant

Author:admin Time:2022-01-19

1.1 Bucket elevator installation
(1) To improve the installation efficiency of the bucket elevator and prevent leakage problems in the future, the bucket elevator should be installed section by section from bottom to top. Install the base first, then install the barrel, and install the head. After the installation is complete, use it uniformly. The vertical line is corrected to ensure that the overall vertical error is not more than 5mm so that in future use, the belt will not be easy to scratch the barrel and improve the service life of the hoist.


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(2) The belt should be tensioned regularly during the use of the elevator. Once the stroke is not well grasped during installation, the later elevator will not be effectively tensioned during use, which will affect the use. Therefore, pay attention to adjusting the tensioning device during installation. Make the remaining tension stroke not less than 50% of the full stroke.


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(3) The elevator is installed with forward and reverse feeding. This is to improve the efficiency and conveying effect, and can effectively prevent the material from breaking up. Generally, the powder conveying adopts forward feeding, and the granular material conveying adopts reverse feeding. 
1.2 Installation of vibrating cleaning screen
(1) The vibrating cleaning sieve will replace the worn sieve when it is used later, so a certain space is reserved for maintenance during installation. Generally, a clear space of more than 1.5m is reserved at the feed end.
(2) To prevent the collision between the vibrating screen's discharge port and the material receiving device, pay attention to leaving a 10mm space when the discharge port is docked with the vertical suction duct during installation.


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1.3 Installation of de-stoner machine
(1) The screen should be replaced after a certain period of use in the later stage of the de-stoner machine, and a certain space should be reserved for easy maintenance during installation. According to experience, a space of more than 1.5m is generally reserved at the feed end.
(2) The stone exit of the de-stoner machine moves with the equipment. To avoid collision with the stone receiving device, a space of 100mm should be left with the stone receiving port during installation.


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1.4 Installation of the hulling machine
The rubber roller inside the husker machine is a vulnerable part and needs to be replaced in 3 to 5 days, so it is necessary to reserve about 1 meter of space for easy maintenance during installation.


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1.5 Installation of paddy brown rice separator
(1) Paddy brown rice separator sieves are distributed in multiple layers and need to be replaced when the sifter is worn out. According to the general conditions of the rough sieve, it is generally sufficient to reserve 1.2m of space at the front of the equipment during installation.
(2) Paddy brown rice separator is a kind of vibration equipment, and the discharge port also vibrates with the body. When installing, pay attention to reserving a space of about 100mm with the receiving port to avoid collision during adjustment or operation.

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1.6 Installation of rice mill equipment
(1) When the rice mill is used, it is necessary to clean the chaff inside the equipment and replace the accessories frequently, so about 1 meter of space is reserved for each group of equipment to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

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(2) During the installation process, it is often encountered that the equipment is installed and then disassembled and replaced with each other. This is because I did not notice that although the appearance of the rice machine is the same, the actual internal rice milling roller configuration is different, so the two sets When using the above emery roll rice machine in combination, pay special attention to the sand number of the emery roller, and the larger sand number should be installed in the front lane.
(3) The rice mill is high-speed running equipment. Once it enters the hard foreign matter, especially the iron foreign matter, it is likely to cause damage to the sieve. Therefore, each entry of the machine must be equipped with a magnetic separator.

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1.7 Installation of rice color sorter
(1) The rice sorting machine is a piece of electronic precision equipment. It needs to be handled with care when moving. When installing and assembling the silo, welding, and painting, to prevent the color sorter from burning or entering foreign objects, the surface of the color sorter should generally be covered with a layer of protection film or fireproof cloth.
(2) The color sorter needs to be stable during operation to ensure the effect of color sorting. If the equipment platform is a steel structure, the color sorter must use a separate platform to avoid sharing the platform with other equipment and causing "resonance". The normal operation of electronic devices.


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(3) The electrical components of the color sorter are more sophisticated and easily affected by electric charges. Therefore, the color sorter needs a separate grounding wire, and the grounding wire must be buried about 2m deep.
(4) The unstable power supply voltage of the rice milling production line may cause the sensitivity of the components of the color sorter to decrease and affect the color sorting effect. Generally, it is recommended that the color sorter be equipped with a voltage stabilizer.


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