What is Rice polishers or Rice Polishing Machine?

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1. About rice mill polisher

The working principle of the rice polishing machine: After the brown rice enters the polishing chamber, it forms a body of water and enters the polishing chamber of the polishing machine. At a certain temperature, the surface of the rice grains is polished by friction, and the surface of the rice grains is a gelatinized layer with a thickness of 20-50 microns.

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Rice polishing can not only remove floating sugar on the surface of rice grains but also play a role in pre-gelatinizing and gelatinizing the surface of rice grains. The starch gelatinization makes up for cracks, To obtain a crystal-clear appearance quality and improve the storage performance and commercial value of rice.

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The polished rice looks even translucent and looks much more beautiful. By no means is rice with a particularly beautiful appearance but high-quality rice. Because there is a layer of film rich in trace elements on the outside of the rice, if it is over-polished, this layer of film will be worn off, reducing the nutrient content of the rice. Unpolished rice is more nutritious because it retains the power of the membrane.

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2. The polisher machine effect 
In the rice processing process, the polishing process is the core part of the finishing process, and the rice polishing machine is one of the key pieces of equipment in this process. The equipment has strong adaptability and is widely used in the field of rice processing. In the rice milling process, the quality of the polishing machine directly affects the key process indicators such as the rice polishing rate, output, and finished product quality, and is closely related to the improvement of the value of rice products. It is one of the key technical equipment that affects the value-added of products and the efficiency of enterprises.


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2. The polishers' type
As usual, the rice polisher machine has two types. one type is the usual type is called iron roller rice mill machine. another type is a water mist polisher.
Usual type rice polisher: In fact, the usual type of rice polisher is an iron roller rice mill can polish the rice very white, the advantage is: (1) It's cheaper than water mist polisher (2) 
it's easier to operate, but the disadvantage is the broken rice rate is higher than water mist polisher.

Water mist polisher:1)、Spraying water part: The spraying water part is composed of a nozzle, nozzle cleaner, water mixer, feeding screw, stirring roller, etc. When the material passes through the flow meter, the flow rate is measured, thereby controlling the amount of water added.

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2) 、Polishing part: The polishing part is the core part of the rice polishing machine, which consists of a feeding screw, a polishing roller, a sieve cylinder, and a discharge pressure gate.

3) The water mist polisher because during of the products need to add water, so the final rice is more silky, shiny. and it can keep longer time than usual type polisher produces the rice. now, most people choose the water mist polisher.


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3. The different Our Rice mill polishing of other suppliers' polisher
Our rice polisher machine quality is better than other suppliers, 1)the roller in the polisher is longer than other suppliers' polisher roller. so our rice polisher machine production capacity is bigger, and the rice quality is better.
2) other supplier's rice polisher steel thickness is 6mm, but our rice polisher steel thickness is 8mm. this is why our machine can use longer time than other supplier's

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4. the rice why need polish in the rice mill plant
Many families often eat a bag of rice for a long time due to various reasons. Many people think that as long as the rice does not grow worms or mold, it is enough. As everyone knows, the shelf life of rice is generally only 3-6 months. After processing and polishing, a glass film will form on the surface of the rice, and the storage time will be longer. However, due to heavy rain in southern my country, the storage time of rice will be shorter, and it is best No more than 3 months.
New grains are the most nutritious. If they are stored improperly, they will quickly lose their quality. Not only will they lose their original color and flavor, but their nutrients and edible quality will decrease, and they may even become moldy and deteriorate to produce toxic and harmful substances. As the storage time of rice is extended, The internal enzyme activity is reduced, and the structure gradually loosens. After the rice grains are broken, it is very easy to grow worms.

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If the rice is polished, it can be stored for a longer time and not get worse.

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