How to Clean the Paddy?

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Why Does the Paddy Need to Clean?
Grain is often mixed with some impurities such as sand, dander, straw, etc. The presence of a small number of impurities has a great impact on the quality of rice, so the rice should be cleaned up. Because the impurity limit of polished rice is relatively wide, the purpose of cleaning and removing impurity in rice is not only to ensure that the impurity of white rice is not excessive but also to ensure the safe production of processing equipment, reduce equipment loss and improve environmental sanitation during processing.

paddy cleaning machine

What The Methods for Cleaning the Paddy?
There are two cleaning methods commonly used in rice milling factories: the screening method is a method of sifting out large and small impurities such as silt and straw that are larger and smaller than rice. Magnetic separation is a method that uses permanent magnets or electromagnets to clean up various magnetic impurities in rice.
paddy cleaning machine
What is the Screening and Cleaning?
Screening is based on the width, thickness, or particle size of the materials and impurities. The screen surface is used for sieving. The materials smaller than the screen surface and the sieve holes are clean (under the sieve), and the impurities larger than the sieve holes cannot be cleared through the sieve (over shifted)

Initial Cleaning of the Cylinder
The most commonly used in China is the SCY series paddy cleaner, which is widely used in feed mills, grain processing plants, grain vertical silos, and other industries to receive raw materials for cleaning. It is mainly used to remove large impurities such as straw and wheat. Sundries such as stalks, hemp rope, paper pieces, clods, corn leaves, corn cobs, etc., are used to improve the workshop environment, protect machinery and equipment, and reduce failure or damage. The cylinder primary cleaning screen has the characteristics of high output, low power consumption, simple structure, small footprint, easy installation and maintenance, and convenient replacement of the screen cylinder.

paddy cleaning machine
Vibrating Grading Screen
The vibrating screen body can swing or vibrate in a plane and is divided into linear motion, circular motion, elliptical motion, and complex motion according to its plane motion trajectory. According to the different vibrators, the vibrating screen can be divided into a single shaft vibrating screen (circular vibrating screen) and a double shaft vibrating screen (linear vibrating screen). The single-axis vibrating screen uses single unbalanced re-excitation to vibrate the screen box, the screen surface is inclined, and the motion track of the screen box is generally circular or elliptical. The double-shaft vibrating screen is re-excited by double unbalanced synchronous counter-rotation, the screen surface is horizontal or gently inclined, and the motion trajectory of the screen box is a straight line. In addition, vibrating screens can also be divided into inertial vibrating screens, eccentric vibrating screens, self-centering vibrating screens and electromagnetic vibrating screens.
paddy cleaning machine
What is The Structure of Vibrating Screen
Rice cleaner is generally composed of vibrator, screen box, support or suspension device, transmission device and other parts. There are generally two types of vibrators for single-shaft vibrating screen and double-shaft vibrating screen according to eccentric reconfiguration. The eccentric weight configuration is better with block eccentricity, and the screen box is composed of a screen frame, a screen surface, and its pressing device. The screen frame is composed of side plates and beams. The screen frame must have sufficient rigidity. The supporting device of the vibrating screen has two types: hanging type and sitting type. The seat type installation is relatively simple and the installation height is low. Generally, it should be preferred. The supporting device of the vibrating screen is mainly composed of elastic software. Commonly used are spiral springs, leaf springs, and rubber springs. The vibrating screen usually adopts a triangular belt transmission device. The structure of the vibrator is simple, and the number of rotations of the vibrator can be selected arbitrarily, but the belt is easy to slip during operation, which may cause the screen hole to be blocked. The vibrating screen is also directly driven by a coupling. The coupling can maintain the stable number of rotations of the vibrator, and The service life is very long, but it is difficult to adjust the number of revolutions of the vibrator.

paddy cleaning machine

What is The Working Principle of Vibrating Screen
The vibrating screen works by using the compound-rotating vibration generated by the vibrator. The upper rotating weight of the vibrator causes the sieve surface to produce plane whirling vibration. The lower rotating weight hammer is the effect of the combined effect of the cone rotating vibration on the screen surface.
When the vibrating screen is working, the two motors are synchronously and reversely placed to cause the exciter to generate a reverse excitation force, forcing the screen body to drive the screen to move longitudinally, so that the material on it is periodically thrown forward for a range due to the excitation force. To complete the material screening operation, the rocking screen uses the crank connecting rod mechanism as the transmission part. The motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the belt and pulley, and the connecting rod causes the body to reciprocate in a certain direction.

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