What is Rice Color Sorter and How to Use it?

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1. About the rice color sorter

1)The rice color sorter machine uses photoelectric technology to automatically sort out the different-colored particles in the rice according to the difference in the optical characteristics of the rice, so as to achieve the effect of improving the quality of the rice and removing impurities.

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The selected material enters the machine from the hopper at the top. Through the vibration of the vibrator device, the selected material slides down the channel accelerates down into the observation area of the sorting room and, passes between the sensor and the background plate. Under the action of the light source, according to the intensity of the light and the color change, the system generates an output signal to drive the solenoid valve to blow out particles of different colors into the waste cavity of the receiving hopper, and the good selected materials continue to fall to the finished product cavity of the receiving hopper In order to achieve the purpose of selecting others.

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2) Advantage: the color sorter machine can save Labors, save time, high efficiency, and low processing cost. And the color sorter machine can improve the quality and economic and social benefits of selected products.

3) First: Working environment: normal temperature, normal pressure, ventilated, dry, dark, dust-free place. Ideal working temperature: 50C~350C.

Second: Air-flow, air compressor, air storage tank, filter, color sorter solenoid valve. The color sorter usually works at 0.2MPa.

Third: Voltage: Air compressor voltage need 380V, 50Hz. Color sorter voltage needs 220V, 50Hz.

Fourth: The weight of the color sorter: 630~950Kg (kg) Usually the photoelectric chute can select about 1 ton of rice an hour. different machine, the specification is different

Fifth: Recognition and application of the safety signs on the color sorter machine.
2. How to adjust the color sorter machine
1). Use soft cloth only when cleaning the chute to prevent scratches.
2). Do not blow directly to the ejector when cleaning the observation cabinet.
3). Touch panel is fragile, press gently. Do not let sharp object contact it.
4). Quit from the operating system properly before switching off the machine or shut off the power supply. Abrupt shut-off under working condition is highly prohibited.
5). Please follow the operational manual when adjusting any parameters. Corresponding tips will appear when the parameters which will affect the machine working status.

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Before using the color sorter machine
1). Check if there is any foreign substance in the hopper, if yes, it shall be cleared off.
2). Turn on the air compressor, and wait until the pressure meter indicates 0.6MPa or above(the maximum air pressure should be 0.8MPa at the first test).
3). Check the air passage
Check if there is any air leakage in the air passage. Any leakage could be solved by tightening the adapter at the leakage position; Somehow the slight airflow at the ejector is normal; l Check if the waste liquid in the air filter has been automatically drained up
4). Check if there is any impurity on the vibrator trays, channels .or the glass of the observation
cabinet; if yes, clean it with an air gun or cloth but never user hard articles for cleaning.
Notes It is prohibited to wipe the channels with hard articles. Otherwise the surface of the
channels may be seriously hurt and the sorting effect will be damaged as a result.
5) . Confirm the pins of the power supply have been properly plugged.

3. The customer's problem about color sorter machine in the rice mill plants - can't sort the different color rice


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Theoretically, when the color sorter machine selects materials, the impurity ratio of less than 5% can ensure that the primary finished product reaches 99%. This is why the primary waste enters the secondary color sorting instead of the raw material, and the primary waste impurity ratio must be higher than the raw material. Immediately after the primary waste enters the secondary to ensure that the waste meets the standard, after removing some impurities, the remaining primary waste is the secondary finished product. The secondary finished product and the raw material impurity account for almost the same proportion. At this time, the secondary finished product returns to the raw material to continue the color selection. It is a cyclical process.

There are five outlets. One outlet is the spattering port, one is the finished product, and the other is the waste. One is the primary waste into the secondary, the other is the secondary finished product into the raw material, and the latter is the cycle process. In the actual operation process, the finished product is discharged from one hole, and the waste is discharged from the other hole.

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Finally,It is impossible for the color sorter machine to sort the raw materials with 5% impurities and the results are the same as when the raw materials with 50% impurities.

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