What is the Application of the White Rice Grader in Rice Mill Plant?

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The rice grader is one of the important equipment in the rice processing process. Its function is to classify the finished rice and extract broken rice that exceeds the requirements. Its performance directly affects the purity of the finished rice and is the main equipment to determine the content of broken rice. So, rice grading machine is an essential equipment in the rice mill plants.
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With the continuous improvement of the market’s requirements for rice quality, it is necessary to effectively control the content of broken rice. During processing, due to the influence of different raw materials, flow rates and processing characteristics, the work of the rice sieve is unstable. The broken content does not exceed the standard, and the decimeter sieve is required to have stable working performance and large output to ensure that the screening effect is not affected when the raw material conditions change. Therefore, if the rice grader wants to have a good working effect, it must have suitable screens and sieves, equipped with scientific movement forms and reasonable screening routes.

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There are a variety of white rice grading machine available on the market, including Rotary Rice Grader, White Rice Grader Machine, Rice Length Grader and Rice Thickness Classifier, etc.
1. Rotary Rice Grader
This rotary rice grader is a combined part in a rice process plant, it is used to classify the white rice into good rice and broken rice. And, it is usually designed into 2 or 3 layers according to customer's needs.

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If you set up this machine, you can produce high-quality white rice from the common rice, different clients have different requirements to meet the market demands, so if you have any requirements on rice grader, please talks with us, we will try our best to solve.

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2. White Rice Grader Machine
This MMJP white rice grader machine is a rice processing machine for separating the broken rice and good rice from the final white rice used in the rice mill plant. This machine designs with 2layers or 3 layers or 4 layers screen for making the separate work according to clients’ different capacity needs. It can grade the white rice into three standards, highest standard, middle standard, and the broken rice, then for high standard rice can be packed directly, and the broken rice users can choose for other uses.  

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3. Rice Length Grader
This model rice length grader machine also called length classification or broken-rice refined separating machine, is one of a rice grade refined selecting machine and rice processing machine, it is base on the rice length difference to classify different standard rice. Also, it is a professional machine to sort and grade the white rice, to separate the broken rice from the head rice. Meanwhile, the machine also can remove the barnyard millet and the grains of tiny round stones which are almost as wide as rice. The length grader is used in the last process of the rice processing plant. It can be used to grade other grains or cereals, too.

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4. Rice Thickness Classifier
This rice thickness classify machine is one of the rice processing machines used in rice mill plant. It is used for removing immature kernels from brown rice in rice processing, it classifies the brown rice as per sizes of thickness. It can separate the non-matured and broken grains effectively, so it is more helpful for later rice processing and improve the rice processing effect greatly.


For the thickness classify machine designs with reliable structure due to chain driving to reduce loss from transportation, with inside working sieve high quality durable and efficient, automatic cleaning device for sieves us available.
For this model thickness classify machine, the client can choose to use in the rice mill production line, for some clients may have different kinds of rice mix together. If you want to make more uniformity, this machine is one of the good machines for use. 
You can select the rice grader according to you different needs.
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