Ghana customer feedback use 30Ton/D rice mill plant and paddy dryer machine

Author:admin Time:2022-01-19

As customer requirement, Ghana customers order 30 Ton per day rice mill plants, and paddy dryer machines, rice mill plants include the below machine :
1. Paddy clean and destoner machine
2. Paddy huller machine
3. Paddy and separate machine
4. Rice mill machine
5. Rice polisher machine
6. Rice grader machine
7. Rice packing machine

Also, Ghana customers order one paddy dryer machine, which can let paddy moisture reach about 14% after can suit for rice mill plants and can reach higher quality rice and reach higher capacity.
Paddy dryer machines can use many types of materials as fuel, like a wood pallet, wood, etc.

Use a low temperature to provide even and speedy drying, produce higher quality rice and, also can suit many types of grain seed, like corn, wheat, etc.

grain dryer in ghana

grain dryer

grain dryer (2)
30 Ton rice mill plants and paddy dryer machine use two 40ft container delivery.

Design for China customer order 40 Ton per day rice processing plants and paddy dryer machine
As customer‘s requirement, factory size, give customer design for 40 Ton rice processing plants and paddy dryer machine.

1. paddy dryer machine, include
A paddy inlet elevator,
B Drum screen clean paddy inside impurity
C Paddy dryer machine
D Burner can use wood pellet, wood, etc (customer use wood pellet)
E Conveyor belt transport paddy to rice processing plants
rice mill machine
2. rice processing plants include
A paddy clean and destoner
B Paddy huller machine
C Paddy and brown rice separate machine
D Sand Rice mill machine (two sets Sand rice mill machine, more sets Sand rice mill machine can reduce pressure for rice, can protect rice, reach higher capacity.)
E Iron rice mill machine
F Rice grader machine
G Water polisher can let rice more beautiful.
H Color sorter machine
I Rice packing machine 

rice milldryer

How to Design for rice mill plants

1. check customer’s requirements about capacity, rice quality, and technology process. capacity gives customer design, we made include 15 ton per day,25 ton per day,30 ton per day,40 ton per day,60 ton per day,80 ton per day,100 ton per day, etc.
B if a customer wants to reach higher quality rice, more capacity, can suggest customer add machine like sand rice mill machine, more sand rice mill machine, less pressure for rice, so can protect rice, can reach higher capacity, also can add water polisher, let rice surface more beautiful, also can add rice grader machine, color sorter machine, then final rice will be  higher quality and capacity.
C check customers need a dryer machine or not, some customers with paddy have higher moisture, to reach the higher capacity and save working time can use paddy dryer machine, also paddy dryer machine can use types material as fuel, like wood pellet, wood, etc.

2. check customer’s factory size include length, width, height.
As customer’s factory size give customer design.

3. Check customer’s budget price, as customer’s budget price also can give customer suggestion, like if the customer have no more budget price, some machine-like color sorter, rice packing machine can choose remove. if the customer has more budget price also want reach higher quality and capacity rice, also can add more sand rice mill machine, water polisher, rice grader machine, color sorter, etc.
After using the rice mill plants have more things can use.

1. after use rice mill plants will have paddy husk.
A paddy husk can collect for energy, fuel.
B paddy husk also can suit for make fertilizer, also can suit for make mushrooms.

2. after use rice mill plant will have rice bran.
A.rice bran can be used to make oil.
B rice bran also can suit for making food.

3. after using the rice mill plant have some broken rice
A. broken rice can suit to make wine.
B broken rice also can suit for making juice.
C Broken rice also can make sugar.
Popular at Nigeria parboiled rice processing plants

More Nigeria customers like parboiled rice processing plants, include:

1. Parboiled and dryer plants
A paddy clean and destoner.
B Soaking and Parboiled tank
C Paddy drier machine
Use parboiled and dryer machine is can protect paddy avoid worm, also paddy can save a long time. also after parboiled and dryer, paddy husk is easy to remove, can reach higher capacity.

2. rice processing plants, include:
A paddy huller machine
B paddy and brown rice separate machine
C rice mill machine
D rice polisher machine
E rice grader machine
F color sorter machine
H rice packing machine

Also some machines like color sorter, rice grader, rice mill machines can add more sets, to reach higher quality rice.

How to Package rice milling machine 
1. different rice milling machine type package is different, like 15 Ton combined rice milling machine and 25 Ton combined rice mill machine after the package is 2 package, the total is 12cbm. can use LCL is ok.
2. Like 15 Ton complete rice milling machine and 25 Ton complete rice milling machine need use 20ft container delivery.
3. 30 Ton complete rice mill machine and 40 Ton complete rice mill machine need use one 40ft container delivery.
4. give you suggestion , when you choose any type, can let we know.

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