The Newly Designed 15TPD Rice Mill Plants Introduction

Author:admin Time:2022-01-19

Rice is the main food of more than half of the world’s population. Rice is the most widely grown crop in many countries. The rice milling machine can not only remove the outer shell of the rice but also improve the quality of finished rice products, ensure production safety, provide people with more high-quality and pure-tasting rice, and increase the nutritional value of the rice itself.  So as to how the rice is processed, there must be some people who are not so clear about it. Let me briefly introduce the rice milling machine to everyone!
In a rice processing plant, dust is generated during the entire processing process. Some are the soil mixed in the raw grain, some are the husk of the grain, and some are their own powder particles. If the dust is not controlled and allowed to fly, it will not only pollute the working environment. And it also endangers the health of workers. Therefore, before rice processing, dust and other light impurities should be removed as much as possible to reduce pollution to the surrounding environment. When using the rice mill, keep the grain clean and tidy and free of debris, especially metal objects, to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine.
This whole rice production line is the combination of several commercial milling operations that produce better quality white rice from rough rice, it’s more practical and eco-friendly in rice processing; this rice mill plants which contains drum cleaner, vibrating cleaner, de-stoner, rice huller, paddy rice separator, rice whitener, magnetic separator, rice polisher, rice grader, rice storage silo, rice packaging machine, elevators, motors & spare Parts. which has the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation, large output, good dust removal effect, low broken rate, simple, convenient, and fast maintenance. 

15 ton rice mill (1)

Compared with old model 15 tonnes per day rice milling machine, the newly designed 15tonnes per day rice milling plants has the following advantages: 
1. The convey motor
the conveyor's motor is separate from the cleaner machine’s motor, which increases the speed of delivering grain. Hence, it increasing the machine capacity.

15 ton rice mill (2)

2. Drum cleaner machine
As the first equipment in the cleaning process of the rice mill,when using the drum cleaner, keep the grain clean and tidy and free of large stalks, As far as possible to ensure the sanitation of the subsequent process environment.

15 ton rice mill (3)

3. Cleaner & De-stoning machine
Rice cleaner & destoning machine, other light impurities such as dust and debris, block, the stone should be removed as much as possible to to reach better cleaning effect.

15 ton rice mill (4)

4. Dehusking machine
A rice huller or paddy husker is an agricultural machine used to automate the process of removing the chaff (the outer husks) of grains of rice. 

15 ton rice mill (5)

5. Paddy separator
It is mainly used for separating brown rice from paddy making use of their differences in specific gravity and friction coefficient in three parts: paddy, brown rice and a mix of both.

15 ton rice mill (6)

6. Rice whitening machine
This horizontal emery roller rice whitening machine is developed for rice whitening, which is an advanced technology of the world rice mill whitener at present to make rice temperature down, bran content less, and broken increment lower.

 15 ton rice mill (7)

7. Polishing machine
Rice polising machine, which polishes the rice surface by spraying water, which facilities the formation of a smooth gelatinous layer that prolongs the preservation time. Extended polishing chamber to produce high-quality rice.

15 ton rice mill (8)

8. Rice Grading machine
The rice grader can sieve milled rice efficiently and accurately into several classes: head rice, large broken, medium broken, small broken, and etc.

15 ton rice mill (9)

9. Rice colour Sorting machine
The rice color soting machine is used to sort bad, milky, Chalky, Paddy, foreign materials out. The CCD signal while blanking is been tested. If it is found that there are unqualified rice or impurities in the materials, the ejector will blow the defective goods in the hopper.

15 ton rice mill (10) 
10. Rice storage bin
The rice can deposit rice in a small rice storage silo for further processing or package according to the customer's requirement, it can effectively saving labor and energy consumption.

15 ton rice mill (11)

11. Rice Packing Machine
This rationed automatic weighing packing machine consists of a material box, a packing scale, a sewing machine, and a conveyor belt. It can cooperate work with all the model's rice mill production line, and also for the packing bags capacity can choose 1-50kg per bag for your needs.

automatic packing machine

At present, People are also beginning to pay great attention to the comprehensive utilization of rice resources and the brand benefits of product quality.The Rice milling machine also helps the agriculture sector to grow faster, and also it is a suitable option for helping economic development.
The rice processing enterprises should invest more money to purchase better production equipment to ensure that they can process rice while also better improving the rice yield and the quality and quality of rice products, and then can be more popular with people.

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