How to Solve the Problems Encountered in Your Using The Rice Milling Machine?

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When Have Some Broken Rice and How to Improve?
There are three reasons for the broken rice produced by the rice mill plant:
The First Reason: The pressure in the rice milling silo is too high and the milling time is long, resulting in broken rice.
Solution: Increase the gap between the rice knife and the drum to reduce the pressure in the rice mill machinery’s chamber. The squeezing force and friction of the rice will be weakened, and the crushing rate of rice grains will be reduced. However, the gap cannot be greater than the longitudinal length of the rice grain, otherwise, the meaning of rice milling will be lost.

40t rice mill machine
Adjust the feed inlet, reduce the feed, increase the output, and indirectly reduce the pressure of the rice mill machinery’s silo. Due to the fast output, the pressure time of the rice in the silo is reduced, and the rice grains will not be broken. The opening degree of the feed inlet is controlled at one-half or two-thirds. If the opening degree is too large, the resistance will increase, causing the belt to slip, and in severe cases, it may cause damage to the rice mill.
The feed opening should not be too small, otherwise, the efficiency will be reduced. It is recommended to set the feed opening first, and then increase the discharge opening appropriately. Then observe whether the rice is complete and the color is white. If there is an increase in broken rice, close the feed opening.

25t rice mill machine
The Second Reason : The high rotating speed of the drum causes an increase in broken rice.
Solution: reduce the speed, and observe a reasonable reduction in the rice crushing rate.
The Third Reason: The high water content of the rice will also increase the broken rice rate and cause the equipment to lock up.
Solution: Reasonably reduce the humidity, increase the hardness of the rice, and reduce the amount of broken rice.
How to Improve When Use Rice Polisher Machine Have Some Broken Rice?
If there are a lot of broken rice during the polishing process during rice milling, there are two reasons:
The First Reason: the water content of the rice is related. Two: It is related to polishing equipment. Let's make a specific analysis.
Regarding the solution to the water content of rice that causes more broken rice to be polished: First, check whether the water content of the rice is related to the drying of the material. In order to make the rice grains more luster, polishing can also remove the surface bran powder and make the surface starch gelatinous. However, the water content must be controlled and not too dry to avoid a lot of broken rice. An appropriate amount of water can be added to reduce the viscosity of the rice bran and endosperm. The amount of water added is controlled at 0.2-0.3% of the rice flow rate, so that the processed rice has high gloss, less broken rice, and low temperature.

water rice polisher
The solution to the problem of rice polisher that causes more broken rice: Usually, the polishing warehouse and the rice storage warehouse are connected by pipes, and there are water pipes outside the pipes, and they are connected. The motor is connected to the polishing chamber with a belt, and the polishing is completed by the stirring rod inside. Check whether the pusher, polishing roller, and sieve of the polishing link are malfunctioning, and the wind pressure should also be checked.
The above are the reasons and solutions for more broken rice during polishing. . The water content of the rice can be intelligently added during polishing. Using our equipment, Not only can the rate of broken rice be reduced, but the operator does not need to spend energy to control the water content of the rice.
How to Reach Shinning Rice After Using Rice Polishing Machine?
Why is the color of the rice grains produced by the same rice milling machine different? if the rice is polished to the following two points, the color of the rice grains will be as bright and clear as oil, and it can be sold better. price.
One: Control the rice polishing machine’s temperature
The temperature of rice entering the rice polishing machine can be controlled well to prevent the unmilled rice with short lines and other impurities from being mixed into the rice. The rice that has been polished twice can remove the bran powder on the surface of the rice grains more cleanly, and it can also make the surface starch keratinized. Shows a brighter color, pay attention to the processing method, will not damage the rice grains. For rice mills with small yields, they can be thrown again before color sorting.

Water mist polishing machine
Two: Do not add water or oil, and control the intermittent material interruption time for dust removal
Don't add water and oil to the rice to achieve a shiny appearance. Although that will make the appearance look good, the quality of the rice will be greatly compromised, and it may even be harmful to us. It should be noted that when the material is interrupted during color sorting and cleaning, the interval should be controlled at 8-15 seconds, otherwise the polishing effect will be affected.

rice polishing machine
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