One Rice Mill Plant Use Above Two Sets of Rice Processing Machines Profit

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Use More Sets Rice Mill Machine is Better at Rice Mill Plant 
Traditional rice milling production lines mostly use the one-machine whitening processing method. While, with the continuous development of technology, rice mills gradually used two-machine whitening instead of a one-machine rice mill. For, it was discovered in actual production that two machines were used. Grinding white has several obvious advantages, which can be summed up as "four improvements and reductions."

One, Increased rice yield and reduced broken rice
After continuous experimentation, it has been found that the total broken rice and small broken rice obtained by this method of rice milling have been reduced to some extent. The specific reduction is about: small broken 0.1%-0.5% and total broken 1.1% reduced -6.4%.

60ton rice mill

Two, The product quality is improved, the rice temperature is lowered, and the bran powder is reduced
The precision of the rice grains milled by this method is relatively uniform, and the color is relatively smooth. In addition, the pressure will gradually ease and weaken after the two machines for whitening, so compared to the one machine for whitening, the rice temperature will drop by 5-10°C and the bran powder will also be reduced.

Three, The quality of rice bran is good, the oil yield is high, and the bran content is reduced
During the two-machine whitening process, most of the rice bran will be discharged in batches, which is more conducive to reducing the crushing rate and the bran content of the finished rice, and it also reduces the bran content in the rice bran.

60ton rice mill

Four, Increase in output and decrease in consumption
Since the two-machine whitening machine replaced the one-machine whitening machine, the output of the rice mill has increased significantly, but the consumption has decreased significantly, which has improved the economic benefits of the manufacturer.
Use More Sets Rice Polisher Machine is Better At Rice Mill Plant 
To improve the precision of rice, the rice factory sometimes uses a two-pass polishing or three-pass polishing process. But the real purpose of the rice milling equipment for finishing rice is to allow us to eat healthy and safe rice, and the two polishing processes are unnecessary.

Is it necessary to use two polishings? From the perspective of economic benefits: After comparing the economic costs and benefits of two polishings and one polishing, it is found that a rice factory with a daily production of 100 tons, if the annual production of 20,000 tons of rice is specified, increase A polishing process will increase the broken rice rate by 1%, which means that 200 tons of rice will be lost. If the price difference between broken rice and whole rice is 10 yuan per kilogram, the rice factory will lose 400,000 yuan per year. . At the same time, adding a polishing process will generate 0.5% more bran powder, which means that 100 tons of rice will be lost. If the price difference between bran powder and whole rice is 1.2 yuan per kilogram, the rice factory will lose 240,000 per year. Yuan Renminbi.
rice polisher

From the perspective of eating effect: when the rice is polished twice, the vitamin B substances in the rice will lose about 20%, and at the same time, these substances like threonine and lysine will also be lost in the process of processing. If we eat this kind of rice for a long time, it will hurt our health.
Two Types of Rice Color Sorter Machine’s different 
The photoelectric rice color sorter and the CCD sensor rice color sorter are two kinds of rice milling equipment commonly used in rice factories. The main difference between the two lies in the sensor.


The photoelectric rice color sorter uses ordinary photoelectric sensors, which were more popular in the past few years. However, with continuous development, the CCD sensor rice color sorter has been widely used at present, and it uses a high-definition CCD Color selection lens, the resolution can reach 2048 pixels. Compared with ordinary photoelectric sensors, the color selection accuracy has been increased from 2 square millimeters to 0.04-0.08 square millimeters and the output has also been greatly improved.
rice color sorter

In general, the photoelectric rice color sorter has a better color sorting effect for black and white materials. Therefore, if the color sorting accuracy and output requirements are high, the rice factory that has requirements for the color type can choose the CCD rice color sorter. But the price of CCD color sorter will be relatively high, so when choosing, it is recommended that you choose according to your actual situation.

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