How to Reduce the Broken Paddy Rice During the Paddy Rice Processing?

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With the diversification of the raw paddy and the processing methods, more and more broken rice will be generated during rice processing. How to control the broken rice rate is the key to increase rice processing mill profit, as well as the key to measuring the rice machinery quality and the technical level.
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1. Which part of the broken rice will be generated?
Regular rice processing consists of cleaning, rice husking, rice whitening, and white rice processing four working sections. Meanwhile, rice husking is the first process where broken rice will generate. As data shows, 70% of the broken rice produce during the rice husking and rice whitening processing. Therefore, the rice husking process is the key part to control the broken rice. Many reasons that increasing broken rice, such as the paddy quality, rice husking craft, technical parameters matching, and the operation management level. Especially the paddy quality and the rice milling machine parameters adjusting influence the broken rice generation.

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2. Different types of paddy huskers
According to the paddy shelling stress and the shelling method, rice huller shelling can be divided into extrude rubbing husking, end pressure rubbing husking, and strike husking. Extrude rubbing husking husker is roller type rice husker; end pressure rubbing husking husker is sand tray rice husker; strike husking husker is centrifugal type rice husker. Relatively speaking, extrude rubbing husking is expensive but features on lower broken rice rate, smooth surface of the brown rice, higher husking rate, etc good performance. So rubber roller rice huskers are widely used.

The rice husking result affects the following process and is closely linked to the final rice quality, recovery rate, and processing cost. So how to choose suitable rice husker, reasonable configuration working parameters, and the normative operation maintenance are important.

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3. Reasons for the broken rice generation during the rice husking process of rice mill plants

3.1 Paddy rice quality
Paddy rice quality can refer to the grain shape, thousand seed weight, full maturity, white heart rate, white belly rate, and powder quality rate, as well as crackle ratio, raw paddy evenness, roughness rate, and moisture ratio.

3.2 The rice husker craft setting
From the rice husker principle, purer of the raw paddy, more full of the particle, the processed result will be better. The paddy input the rice husker is most intact, small parts are the unhusked paddy back from the paddy brown rice separator. Since the paddy back from the paddy brown rice separator has been husked and will be husked again, the brown rice broken rate will increase. Therefore, the rice husking craft rationality will affect the broken rice rate.

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3.3 The choosing of rice husker working parameters
In real rice processing production, the rollers pressure, flow rate, lineal-speed differential, and roll clearance impact the rice husking craft result, which becomes more and more important.

4. The broken rice control measures in the rice husking process

4.1 Control the raw paddy quality, reasonable processing
Processing according to the final product requirement
Separate raw paddy with different grades before the process
Control the brown rice rate in the paddy

Adjust the paddy moisture
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4.2 Arrange the reasonable rice husking craft
For the problem of the brown rice back to rice husker and be a husked second time, a reasonable method is to husk with different grades and double paddy brown rice separation craft. Grading processing is to deal with raw paddy with one rice husker. And another rice husker deals with the paddy back from the paddy brown rice separator. Different rollers pressures the two rice huskers to deal with the two different types of paddy. Thus avoid the problem that generating more broken rice due to the paddy back from the paddy brown rice separator.

Double paddy brown rice separators can be adopted. The second paddy brown rice separator to process the paddy and brown rice mixture.

4.3 Improve the operation and the parameters setting of the rice husker
No matter which type of rice husker, it requires high-level operation. When operating the rice husker, people shall set the parameters according to the different quality raw paddy.

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4.4 Choose a suitable rubber roller
According to the paddy types and varieties, suitable rubber rollers shall be chosen. There are two hardness,85°and 90°.

If the paddy with low temperature and is easy to be husked, choose the rubber roller with low hardness. If the paddy with high temperature and is hard to husk, choose the high hardness rubber roller.

Normally, adopting a PU rubber roller for round-grained rice and adopting a rubber roller for long-grained rice.

4.5 Increase the operational persons' comprehensive quality
Reinforce and train operators' responsibility and technical quality. Pay much attention to the coordination between each process of the rice mill plants. Check the parts of machines, adjust belts, add lubricating oil on the machine parts every week.

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In brief, many factors will affect the broken rice rate. Rice milling factories shall find out effective methods and ways to reduce the broken rice rate, increase the paddy recovery rate and the profit. 

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