Precautions During Rice Mill Plants Installation

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The installation quality of the rice milling machine and equipment is uneven. Failure to grasp the installation quality during the pre-installation and installation process will affect the entire installation progress, cost,and normal operation of the equipment in the future. The installation quality plays a vital role in the operation of the rice processing mill. Now we will analyze and explain the precautions before the installation of mechanical equipment and during the installation of main rice mill equipment.
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1. Precautions analysis before the rice milling plant installation

1) Drawing review before the rice mill plants installation
Drawing review is necessary to work before rice milling equipment installation. If there is a problem with the drawing, it will impact the installation and even make it impossible to install the equipment correctly. Therefore, the installation drawing must be reviewed before the rice milling machines are installed, and the unreasonable design in the design should be found early. After the modification and approval of the design work, use the revised design drawings for installation. Perfect and reasonable drawings are the basis and core of equipment installation. So the drawings must be strictly reviewed.

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2) Safety precautions during the rice mill installation
Always take safety as the prerequisite during the equipment installation process, and summarize a few extremely important safety items: Before equipment installation, the hidden danger reminder is the first task. And safety signs should be hung on the main safety control points as a reminder. All types of work must do the best Basic personal protective measures, such as wearing a safety helmet when entering the installation site. the holes in the workshop have a greater impact on personal safety. Holes reserved in the workshop must be blocked with a cover plate, and railings should be placed around the large holes and in the middle Flat support safety net. Among the safety measures, electricity safety is the easiest to be overlooked. The installation must be carried out in strict accordance with electricity specifications. Temporary electricity use should be TN-S three-phase five-wire, and PE wire must have very reliable grounding measures.

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3) preparation work before rice mill plant installation
a. Familiarize yourself with the upper process in advance to better ensure the next process. Therefore, the person in charge of equipment installation and the installation team leader should be familiar with all the installation technical documents and installation procedures in advance. The team’s drawings and technical details shall be prepared in advance so that each team can understand the equipment in advance. The main points of installation, familiarize yourself with the installation process in advance.

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b. In order to ensure that the rice mill equipment installation can be completed on schedule, a reasonable installation plan and schedule should be prepared according to the specific conditions of the rice milling plant installation volume, construction period, site, and lifting capacity before installation.
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c. During the equipment installation, there will be a mismatch between the equipment and the civil foundation or the hole. Therefore, the civil foundation and reserved holes must be inspected according to the civil drawings, process drawings, and technical documents before installation. After the inspection is qualified, the construction unit and the supervision unit must be checked together. Do a good job of handover and filing, so that it can be documented in the future.
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2. Analysis of key issues in the installation process of rice milling machinery and equipment

1) In addition to the personal safety of the installer, the safety of the equipment also requires attention during the installation process. For example, the equipment should be hoisted correctly during the installation process, and protective measures should be taken after hoisting to prevent damage to the equipment and to keep the surface of the equipment clean.

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2) In order to facilitate the disassembly and replacement of the equipment in the future, bolts must be used when connecting all equipment to the base or embedded parts, instead of direct welding, so as not to make it difficult to remove the equipment during later replacement.

3) The operation and maintenance of the equipment in the later operation dominate, so all equipment must be considered to reserve enough operation and maintenance space and convenience when installing.

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As the production capacity of the rice milling industry expands, the requirements for the installation of rice milling machinery and equipment also need to be improved and improved. We need to keep improving in the installation of rice milling equipment to make the production of rice milling machinery and equipment run more smoothly and smoothly, and to reduce installation errors. Avoid causing downtime, rework and other losses to the owner, and give full play to the installation experience, project advantages, and service value of the equipment installer.

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