What Is The Rice Packing Machine Usage and Installation?

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Rice packing machine introduction:
DSC series rice packing machine is suitable used for high-speed quantitative weighing and packaging of granular materials such as rice, miscellaneous grains, roasted seeds and nuts, feed, sugar, etc. The packing range from 5kgs to 50kgs per bag. 
rice packing machine
The rice packing machine includes four parts: automatic weighing device, conveying device, sewing device, and computer control. Our rice packing machine has a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, energy-saving, power-saving, convenient operation, and accurate weighing. The main machine adopts fast, medium, and slow three-speed feeding, PLC LCD Chinese display, sampling processing technology, anti-interference technology, and realizes automatic error compensation and correction.
The rice packaging machinery usage process: manual assistance in bag loading, automatic weighing, bag clamping, filling, and automatic sealing or sewing by conveying through the conveyor belt.

rice packing machine

Features of rice packer :
1. The rice packer uses carbon steel and stainless steel production technology
2. Independently suspended sensors, stable signal transmission, to ensure accurate weighing.
3. The host computer, conveyor belt, sewing machine, and controller are networked to ensure the humanized operation and reduce the labor intensity of workers
4. Shift production, daily production, automatic storage of cumulative production information
5. Keyboard setting parameters: change the working parameters through keyboard operation, and the data has been protected from power failure
6. The packaging scale control system of the rice packer has coarse and fine flow feeding settings, with functions such as automatic, manual tare, automatic zero adjustments, automatic error correction, out-of-tolerance start emergency signal, and fault self-diagnosis.
7. The rice packing machine has a meticulous feeder design, dual-cylinder drive, and adjustable feeding door to adapt to different material changes to ensure high-speed and high-precision requirements.
8. The operation is simple, intuitive, and manual; manual bag loading and electric bag clamping.
9. You can choose automatic hot sealing, automatic sewing machine head, and other configurations.
A.Fully automatic heat sealing machine: suitable for any sealing with heat sealing materials, adjustable speed, constant temperature control, adjustable temperature, adjustable conveyor height, the wide application range
B. Automatic sewing machine: The sewing machine adopts a double alloy shearing knife design, which integrates starting, stopping, counting, automatic cutting line, and manual cutting device. The parts are wear-resistant also the sewing speed is high. It is used for the sealing and sewing of packaging bags. 
10. Easy to operate: The operation interface is simple and clear, and the machine can run by pressing the corresponding button, and it is also very fast for workers even without basic operation.
rice packing machine
How to install the rice packaging machinery when you get it?
1)Scale body installation
The platform support must be far away from large-scale power equipment to avoid vibration sources, the support must have sufficient rigidity and stability, and the scale body must not be connected to the vibrating equipment. Provide sufficient space for calibration, maintenance, and replacement of parts. If there is strong vibration in the finished product warehouse, the feeding mechanism must be separated from the warehouse body, and the soft connection must be used to improve the weighing accuracy. The height of the soft connection should not exceed 5 cm.
2) Sensor installation
It must be firm, and the direction of the universal joint is consistent with the shaking direction of the weighing bucket, and the nut is tightened so that the universal joint is not misaligned. Avoid zero drift. To avoid overloading the sensor, installers are not allowed to step on the sensor and related parts.
When installing and repairing the rice packer scale body or related equipment, it is necessary to use a welding machine, and no current is allowed to flow through the sensor.
Sensor wiring method:
 --Connect all the sensor wires to the control box.
 --Connect the wires with the same color of the sensors used in parallel and solder them together. The red, black, green, and white wires are respectively connected to the marked parts of the terminals.
 --Connect the shielding layers and then to the corresponding terminals. Note that the shielding wires must be smooth and wrapped tightly with sleeves or tape. Don't let the shielding layer expose burrs connected to the casing and other wires. Leave a margin between the sensor and the external fixed point, and don't stretch it too tightly.
--The installation of the rice packing machine weighing part requires reliable connection, flexible action, and no hard contact with the surroundings. The discharge solenoid valve of the weighing hopper must be fixed on the weighing hopper so that there is only one compressed air pipe connected to the outside of the weighing hopper. Do not subject the air pipe to external force during installation, so as not to affect the weighing. The reducer and oil-water filter should be refueled, drained, and checked frequently as required.

The bag-clamping switch can be installed on the left or right side according to the operator's habit.
It is recommended that the instrument power supply be provided by the workshop lighting power supply. After entering the site, first, check whether the wiring screws of the meter relay and contactor wiring terminals are loose or fall off. The control box should be installed in an easy-to-operate and easy-to-observe position near the entrainment tube.

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