How to Install and Adjust 25TPD Combine Rice Milling Plant

Author:admin Time:2022-01-19

The clients often will face the installation and debugging problem when they have got the rice milling plant if they don’t have rice milling machinery using experience before. And how to adjust the machine well is very important to guarantee its good working condition. Today we will talk about 25tons per day combine rice mill equipment installation and adjusting .
25ton rice mill machine
Rice milling machinery installation
Refer to the following steps when installing rice milling machinery:
1. Choose a suitable location and dig a pit. ( pit size is 85*85*60cm)
2. Arrange the rack and fix it stably.
3. All its components are firmly installed.
4. Install all the connecting parts of the pipeline. Connect all the channels of single machine material turnover.
5. Install all motors, V-belts, etc.
6. Connect the power supply, no-load test machine.
7. Commission the whole machine (with paddy rice)
8. after the elevator hopper pit ( size 85 length*85width*60cm depth ) is finished and an elevator installed well, then remove the base of the destoner,to fix with expansion screw 

25ton rice mill machines
Rice milling plant adjusting
First, Control the middle adjusting screw of the gravity screen between 105-115. It depends on the coverage of brown rice on the sieve. If there are too many materials in the upper part, increase the length of the screw rod appropriately. If there is more material in the lower part of the screen surface, shorten the screw rod.
25ton rice mill machine
Second, When the rice milling plant is turned on, open the gate to the maximum to allow the material to enter the destoner machine quickly. Adjust the gate according to the output during processing.

Third, Before the brown rice feeding into the rice whitener, close the brown rice gate and open the return gate. Open the brown rice gate after the sieve is covered fully with brown rice.

Forth, During processing, adjust the brown rice adjusting plate according to the condition of brown rice on the sieve to ensure that no rice enters the rice whitener.

Fifth, Paddy rice separator operation at the end of rice mill equipment processing:
(1) When the paddy going to the destoner is finished, turn off the destoner machine, otherwise the paddy will come out of the stone mouth. At this time, look at the material in the hulling machine hopper. If there is no stock, close the return gate of the paddy separator. And according to the brown rice on the sieve, adjust the brown rice adjustment board upward.
(2) When the material on the sieve surface is about to end, close the brown rice gate, pull down the gate of the hoist to enter the paddy separator, let the materials flow into the hulling machine, increase the pressure of the hulling machine appropriately, and wait until the rice is peeled. Open the gate and let the material enter the rice machine from the hose for processing.
25ton rice mill machine
The maintenance of rice mill equipment as following:

First, Destoner machine
The screen should be checked and cleaned every shift to prevent the screen holes from being blocked. The screen should be replaced in time to prevent material leakage.
Regularly remove grains and fine sand from the hood.

Second, Rice huller machine
1.The oil filling amount in the gearbox is 0.5-0.6 kg, and it is replaced once a month.
2. When the fast roller rubber layer wears to about half, fast and slow can be used interchangeably. When the wear of the rubber roller will expose the iron core, the new rubber roller should be replaced. The two rollers should be replaced at the same time. The surface of the rubber roller should be kept flat. Find out the cause in time, repair and replace it. Pay attention to check the parts such as drain plate, transmission gear, etc., if they are worn, they should be repaired and replaced.

Third, Paddy rice separator
1. Check the lubricating condition of the transmission part and fill it with lubricating oil (grease) in time.
2. Overhaul disassembly and assembly sequence:
Disassembly sequence: ① material support frame, material pipe → ② discharge pipe → ③ locking angle steel → ④ traction element → ⑤ support rod mechanism → ⑥ eccentric mechanism → ⑦ motor Restore in reverse order when assembling.

Forth, Rice mill machine
The bran suction fan impeller and air duct should be removed once every two months.
When changing the felt oil seal, it should be soaked in engine oil.

Fifth, Common maintenance content of each machine:
1. Maintenance every 3 months and overhaul every year.
2. Lubricating oil should be added regularly to each transmission part.
3. The bearing is usually changed once every 6 months.
4. Where the bearing is overheated, the grease is hardened, the oil color is darkened, or the oil surface has waterdrops and dirt, the grease must be replaced immediately.
When the machine is found to be violently shaken, it should be stopped immediately for an inspection.

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